Courses Offered

Flight Training is conducted through a rigorous 24-week curriculum of academics, physical training, personal instruction and flight training. Course goals are to meet or exceed FAA Licensing requirements resulting in certification and gain practical field experience. Upon completion of the initial Flight Training course, AEI students will have the option of participating in the Maverick GO Teams program.

The Maverick Go Teams Program is an intensive course orientating and cross training a GO Team with A Maverick. Once initial training is complete the Maverick GO Team itinerates with the AEI Maverick until they are released with their own Maverick for field service. Course goals are a fully functioning Maverick GO Team with their own Maverick ready for field deployment.

Indigenous Aviation Education courses will introduce humanitarian / mission aviation,  strategic mission concepts in addition to various aviation skill sets.Course goals are the replacement of the expatriate pilot & staff of a Maverick GO Team.

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