About Us

Aviation Education Initiative is focused on humanitarian / mission aviation through technological innovation & indigenous aviation education. AEI is deploying one of the first Maverick Flying Cars into an education, humanitarian air & education role. AEI was born from YWAM Aviation in Colorado Springs, CO

Aviation Education Initiative (AEI) is a US registered Non-profit focused on a nation developing, business creator model of Mission Aviation. Through education, AEI’s goal is to assist a developing nations own civil aviation capacity.

Flight Training

Get Wings, Give Wings – Flight training specifically designed with a focus in indigenous aviation education, mission aviation & Maverick GO Teams.

GO Teams

Aviation Education Initiative is working in partnership with I-Tec industries founded by Steve Saint to deploy field appropriate aviation technologies. Our primary tool is the Maverick (Flying Car) used by “GO Teams”. Maverick GO Teams are cross trained, self-sustained and ready to deploy group of individuals able to respond to strategic mission aviation needs and seasons. In addition to serving these aviation need, Maverick Go Teams have the goal of replicating themselves with indigenous crew and departing to serve at an alternate location.

Indigenous Aviation Education

Aviation focused courses designed to improve civil aviation capacity. Our goal is to build independence and reducing the need and expense of mission aviation as well as improving the access and standard of living within the nation.

Technological Innovation

AEI has partnered with Steve Saint and his work at ITEC to help develop appropriate technologies for humanitarian aid / mission work. Aviation is our focus and AEI will continue to push the envelope, creating better tools to accomplish “the mission”.

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